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This is how I started using my Instagram handle to promote my business


Just out of college and aimless!
You know when you are in your twenties and everyone has a dream to follow and you are like directionless. You always were the type who thought that you would cross the bridge when you come to it. But now, I was standing at crossroads; I never thought that time flies so swiftly!
So, here I was thinking hard what is going to be my career move; something that will decide how well I live my life from now onwards.
Brick and mortar seemed far too ambitious:
Even though my extended family was solely into business, I was a little wary of this model of business. I realized early on that I did not want to own any mom and pop type of store. I did not want to restrict myself to be physically present at the place of business. I wanted to have a set up where the business ran irrespective of whether I was present there or not.
The online model:
Setting up an online model seemed viable to me at that point of time. For experimental reasons, I took up a franchise of a local mill to test the waters. First I created a twitter handle and an Instagram one. Then I started a facebook page and a website detailing the franchise along with appropriate pictures and videos. Then, I hooked up with services that help generate automatic likes and I was all set to go.
Here is a step by step guide to follow in case you also want to succeed like I did:

  1. Instagram is the best platform for business:

It is not mere coincidence that there are more brands on the Instagram than on the facebook. The reason for this is simple. The percentages of people who are a regular on the Instagram platform far outweigh the number when you put together facebook, whatsapp and twitter. Naturally, then Instagram is the best choice for the brands who want to create newer markets.

The number of Instagram users is increasing everyday by leaps and bounds and the ratio of women on the app is much higher than the males. It has also been noted that more than fifty percent of Instagram users are people who earn 50,000 dollars per annum or more. This section of the population is not only affluent but also the ones who are adventurous and stylish. All the more reasons for the businesses to advertise here.

  1. The mantra is to consistently maintain posts:


Instagram gurus recommend that the key to the success of business posts is to consistently maintain posting at timely intervals. The posts can contain fun element to become more endearing. It has been noticed that certain brands that use humor in their posts are the most popular one and extremely well received on the platform.

  1. Make valuable connections:


It is a given that no one will let you be successful. You will have to write your own story there to be able to make it in this competitive world. You must however first connect your facebook with your Instagram. Secondly, you want to be able to use all the relevant hash tags in order to make yourself and your company well known.

Another strategy that seems to work really well for some of the people is to follow others and also like their posts in order to get into the network.  

Take mileage from the video feature:

Instagram video feature has been an instant hit. It has also given some serious competition to twitter’s similar feature. However, Instagram videos have an additional edge of being able to use filters. It makes a lot of impact on the customers to see a video rather than only an image.

It is also a wonderful idea to import the Instagram video to the facebook page or your company’s website to draw more likes there.

You will need to schedule your posts:


Instagram posting is still a wee bit relaxed compared to other social media sites and that is why you must remember not to force yourself on the viewers by posting back to back lest you come across as someone who is trying to shove your way into this.

Too much of noise can also be counterproductive. That is why you will need to maintain a schedule regarding your posts. Make sure that you remember when you posted last and maintain decent intervals between the posts.

To say that I got great response is just the right thing. Follow the above tips to shine and you can thank me later!

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Instagram is the Best Platform for Business Promotion

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